Lion Dance Team applies Kung Fu to Missions and Madness


My First GORUCK Challenge, Part Two

In my first ever GORUCK Challenge, I learned the power of purpose and what a team really is. It was event number 160 back in 2012 with Cadre Beaux in Boulder, Colorado. Through hard work and struggling, Cadre taught us about cooperation vs. competition. I titled this part “Butta Butta […]

Episode002 Part004

“Dangerous Reflections”

How can reflections be dangerous? We find out in Part004 of Episode002. Here’s a hint: Situational Awareness is not only what you see around you, but also what others around you see of you! For this mission, Liliah is Team Leader and Daniel is ATL. Before Missions and Madness there […]

Episode002 Part003


In Part003 of Episode002, we roll one of the toughest Multipliers: Casuality Carry. So even before we get moving on the Mission, we have to figure out how to carry one of our team. J.M. takes over as Team Leader and Liliah becomes ATL. Spoiler: Someone also gets caught by […]