Missions and Madness

Missions and Madness is part Scavenger Hunt, part Dungeons and Dragons, and part Boot Camp. It’s a Cooperative Outdoor Adventure game that builds skills, strength, and community.

Missions and Madness is an exciting real-world cooperative adventure game that guides you and your friends to interesting locations around town while you’re getting fit and learning new skills.  It’s a fun way to get strong, make friends, and learn essential skills like leadership, situational awareness, and navigation.

Missions and Madness is a non-competitive team-building experience that provides a platform for safely growing skills in problem-solving, negotiation, failure-management, community-building, self-care, and communication.

“Missions” are drawn randomly from a list of interesting local sites.  “Madness” is made up of challenging exercises performed between Missions.  Combined with “Multipliers,”  “KIM Drills,” “Scenarios,” and other features, you get a fun and effective method of developing the three pillars of personal and community agency:  Decisiveness, Action, and Resilience.

Missions and Madness is based on various Special Forces and Martial Arts training methods.  Over the years, it has developed and grown into its own effective practical-fitness training strategy.