In my first ever GORUCK Challenge, I learned the power of purpose and what a team really is. It was event number 160 back in 2012 with Cadre Beaux in Boulder, Colorado. Through hard work and struggling, Cadre taught us about cooperation vs. competition.

I titled this part “Butta Butta Jam” because the most significant lesson I learned in this Challenge was during a mass-assault drill. We learned about self-sacrifice for a common goal. Each exercise in this GORUCK Challenge exposed us to new forms of cooperation and team-building.

GORUCK is not about the push-ups, the miles, or the boots. After you graduate from the Welcome Party and deal with the pain, it’s about working together with your teammates and your own personal strengths and weaknesses. It’s taken ten years for me to really understand how amazing my first GORUCK Challenge experience was. In a later video, I’ll describe how my first of many GORUCK Challenges did not end after everyone went home. I still had hours to go after getting lost in Boulder!

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  1. I slapped my forehead and laughed in disbelief, when you got to the part about being in the parking lot, alone, unfamiliar town, no phone, no phone number to call, no ID and maybe a soggy $20 bill. This is after hours of camaraderie and unity as a team to accomplish a common mission. You are left with a very individual mission of getting home. I can almost hear you say, “Well, what now?” Great story. One day, you’ll have to tell me how you did get home.

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