“The Allies” Custom Adventure


“The Allies” Game embodies the “High Speed, Low Drag” paradigm.  This adventure is tuned to produce amazing Leaders and kick-ass Teams.



“The Allies” adventure is ideal for a fit group like a martial arts class, running club, or crossfit group.  There is no nighttime or foul-weather version.  Participants do not carry weighted rucks.  Groups of up to ten are ideal.  Additional players may be added at additional cost.  Allow two hours.  This is a custom event run by trained Missions and Madness personnel.  Additional costs may apply.  Please contact Headquarters for details.

This Missions and Madness Custom Adventure is a professionally guided game for your group in your choice of venue with your choice of concentration.  An experienced member (or members) of the Missions and Madness Action Team will coach your group through every Madness, Multiplier, and Mission;  your group gets to have all the fun without worrying about the complexities of administration or gameplay.  A custom Missions and Madness game is a great way to set your group up for successful subsequent self-led games, prepare for a challenging event, and develop exceptional team dynamics.


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