“The Squad” Custom Adventure


“The Squad” demands high-level Team precision and participation from your group.  This Game is perfect to prepare your group for a GORUCK Tough Challenge or other extreme event.



Tactical, ROTC, or MilSim clubs and rucking groups will get the most out of “The Squad” adventure.  There is the option to play during the day or night and in all weather conditions.  Weighted rucks are mandatory.  Group size is limited to ten participants.  No children.  No observers.  Allow four hours.  This is a custom event run by trained Missions and Madness personnel.  Additional costs may apply.  Please contact Headquarters for details.

This Missions and Madness Custom Adventure is a professionally guided game for your group in your choice of venue with your choice of concentration.  An experienced member (or members) of the Missions and Madness Action Team will coach your group through every Madness, Multiplier, and Mission;  your group gets to have all the fun without worrying about the complexities of administration or gameplay.  A custom Missions and Madness game is a great way to set your group up for successful subsequent self-led games, prepare for a challenging event, and develop exceptional team dynamics.


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