Missions and Madness Field Manual Level One


This 187-page Field Manual will provide all the detailed instructions to make the most of your Missions and Madness Adventures.

The Missions and Madness Field Manual (Urban Operations Level One, Mission Set Alpha) is your 184-page comprehensive instruction manual to the Game.  This hand-made book is fully illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings just like the old Army Field and Technical Manuals.  It will answer every question you and your Team may have about procedure, protocol, exercises, and skills.



I.  OVERVIEW:  Welcome to Missions and Madness

  1. This Field Manual
  2. A “Typical” Game

II.  PROCEDURE:  The Skill of Discipline

  1. List of Fundamental Steps
  2. Procedure Summary
  3. Thorough Description of Game Procedure
  4. Procedural Flowchart

III.  PREPARATION:  You Are the Organizer

  1. The Field Command Kit
  2. Administrative Materials
  3. Supplemental Materiel
  4. Where to Play
  5. Recruiting a Team

IV.  AREA OF OPERATIONS:  Setting Up the Playing Field

  1. The Start-Point
  2. The Objectives
  3. Guidelines for Selecting Objectives
  4. Area of Operations Form

V.  START-POINT STAGING:  Make Sure Everyone is Ready

  1. Orientation and Administrative
  2. Load-Out Checklist
  3. Field Conduct
  4. Warm-Up Routine

VI.  MISSION ASSIGNMENT:  Engaging Your Imagination

  1. Components of the Operative Scenario
  2. The Operative Scenario Profiles

VII.  CONTACT PREROGATIVE:  Training for the Unexpected

  1. Contact Prerogative Overview
  2. The Assistant Team Leader’s Duty
  3. Guidelines for Contact Events
  4. Evaluation of Strategic Response Execution
  5. Imposing the Team Strategic Penalty

VIII.  MADNESS:  What is Madness?

  1. The Madness Exercises
  2. Capability and Comfort
  3. Exercising in Unison
  4. Detailed Description of Madness

IX.  THE MULTIPLIERS:  What is a Multiplier?

  1. The Multipliers
  2. Implementing Multipliers
  3. Detailed Descriptions of the Multipliers

X.  KEEP-IN-MIND DRILLS:  The Importance of Situational Awareness

  1. What are KIM Drills?
  2. Making KIM Observations
  3. KIM Question Formulation
  4. Answering KIM Questions
  5. Evaluating KIM Questions
  6. Recalculating the Time Hack Penalty
  7. Algebraic Formulae for KIM Quiz Penalty
  8. Example KIM Questions


  1. Warm-Down and Hydration
  2. Post-Game Administration
  3. After-Action Review

XII. GAME MODIFICATION:  Make the Game Your Own

  1. Customizing Game Elements


  1. An Unmodified Game: “Craig’s Coworkers”
  2. A Modified Game: “Alyssiah’s Quest”
  3. A Modified Game: “The Haunting of the Iron Triad”

XIV. CONCLUSION:  Your Morale Muscle

XIV.  REFERENCE:  Terms of Art

  1. List of Abbreviations
  2. Glossary

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