Missions and Madness Level One Game Kit (without Field Manual)


This kit includes everything you need to play Missions and Madness with your Team anywhere in the world except the Field Manual.


This kit includes the key components to play Level One Missions and MadnessThis set does not include the Field Manual.  Get this kit if you already know how to play Missions and Madness or if you already have the Field Manual.

1.  Campaign Command Guide 

2.  Contingency Dice

3.  Digital Stopwatch

4.  Cordura Satchel

5.  Embroidered Patch

The Campaign Command Guide is the laminated, color-coded, instructional workbook that facilitates playing Missions and Madness.  This is the Guide for Level One, Mission Set Alpha, the most fundamental edition of Missions and Madness.

The Contingency Dice are a set of five dice (D4,D6, D8, D12, and D20) that allow you and your Team to discover the various variables of the Game.  The Contingency Dice come in a Custom USA-Made Mesh Bag.

A handy Digital Stopwatch that is super simple to use is included so that no one on your Team is tempted to look at their phones or smart watches during the Game.

The custom-designed and locally made Cordura Command Satchel has a 2-inch velcro strip on one side and a retro-reflective safety strip on the other.  The satchel will fit all the components of the kit, plus a street map and and writing utensils if needed (not included)

The official Missions and Madness Embroidered Patch is Velcro-backed and may be placed on any Velcro loop.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 2 in


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