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Missions and Madness in Flagstaff Business News

Here’s a great article in Flagstaff Business News Missions and Madness AUGUST 4, 2022 Leadership game teaches awareness, teamwork, perseverance. If what happens in life sometimes feels like just a roll of the dice, Missions and Madness can train us to grab ahold of those dice, give them a toss […]

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My First GORUCK Challenge, Part Two

In my first ever GORUCK Challenge, I learned the power of purpose and what a team really is. It was event number 160 back in 2012 with Cadre Beaux in Boulder, Colorado. Through hard work and struggling, Cadre taught us about cooperation vs. competition. I titled this part “Butta Butta […]

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My First GORUCK Challenge, Part One

Back in 2012, I attended my first GORUCK Challenge. It was in Boulder, Colorado. I really did not know what to expect. A huge disappointment in the first half-hour of the “Welcome Party” changed my life forever. Learn about some of the lessons that Cadre Beaux taught us in this […]

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