Learning to lead is a process. Missions and Madness is a cooperative, safe space to learn the complexities of leadership including the abilities to communicate, trust, and delegate. Playing the game gives you firsthand experience identifying tasks and figuring out how to get them done with a team to manage and support. Give yourself and your team the chance to reinvent your relationships with Missions and Madness. Join Morgan Boatman (Creator of Missions and Madness) and Adal Lopez (Operations Advisor for the game) as we explore the foundations of Missions and Madness.

Missions and Madness is an exciting outdoor adventure game that’s part scavenger hunt, part Dungeons and Dragons, and part bootcamp. You can play it almost anywhere with almost anyone. It uses imagination and randomization to create an immersive world in which to learn and test crucial fundamental skills. Through ingenious drills, Missions and Madness teaches leadership, teamwork, and situational awareness while keeping you physically fit.





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