During a game of Missions and Madness, Daniel schooled us all on exactly how not to find concealment! It was a lesson I personally welcomed. Of course I knew that reflections could reveal my position, but there is no better way to learn than by living through the real situation. Missions and Madness provides a safe and fun way to learn tough tactical lessons. In this video, Morgan Boatman (the creator of Missions and Madness) and Daniel Stinski (Field Team Development Lead) discuss the consequences of a tough-love lesson during a game of Missions and Madness. While we explore Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona, we explore aspects of the Game that make Missions and Madness so unique, effective, and fun.

Missions and Madness is an exciting outdoor adventure game that’s part scavenger hunt, part Dungeons and Dragons, and part bootcamp. You can play it almost anywhere with almost anyone. It uses imagination and randomization to create an immersive world in which to learn and test crucial fundamental skills. Through ingenious drills, Missions and Madness teaches leadership, teamwork, and situational awareness while keeping you physically fit.





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