In January 2013 in Flagstaff, David and I (and several other new friends) participated in a particularly grueling GORUCK Tough Challenge led by Cadre Michael. In a constant 32 degrees F, we covered 17 miles in 14 hours during the longest continuous rain storm in Flagstaff history. Such events reset your personal standard for comfort, challenge, and accomplishment. You can see why I wanted to capture a little of this magic in my infinitely more accessible game, Missions and Madness. Join Morgan Boatman (creator of Missions and Madness) and David Semanas (Traditional Martial Arts Consultant for the Game) as we ruck down memory lane.

Missions and Madness is an exciting outdoor adventure game that’s part scavenger hunt, part Dungeons and Dragons, and part bootcamp. You can play it almost anywhere with almost anyone. It uses imagination and randomization to create an immersive world in which to learn and test crucial fundamental skills. Through ingenious drills, Missions and Madness teaches leadership, teamwork, and situational awareness while keeping you physically fit.

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Still photos by Eric S. Snider

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