What is Missions and Madness?

Missions and Madness is part Scavenger Hunt, part Dungeons and Dragons, part Survivor, and part Boot Camp. It’s an Outdoor Adventure game the builds skills, strength, and community.

Missions and Madness is an exciting real-world cooperative adventure game that guides you and your friends to interesting locations around town while you’re getting fit and learning new skills.  It’s a fun way to get strong, make friends, and learn essential skills like leadership, situational awareness, and navigation.

Missions and Madness is a non-competitive team-building experience that provides a platform for safely growing skills in problem-solving, negotiation, failure-management, community-building, self-care, and communication.

“Missions” are drawn randomly from a list of interesting local sites.  “Madness” is made up of challenging exercises performed between Missions.  Combined with “Multipliers,”  “KIM Drills,” “Scenarios,” and other features, you get a fun and effective method of developing the three pillars of personal and community agency:  Decisiveness, Action, and Resilience.

Missions and Madness is based on various Special Forces and Martial Arts training methods.  Over the years, it has developed and grown into its own effective functional-fitness training strategy.